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Trying to lose weight?

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n all kinds of fat loss diets, or flat tummy 6 packs programs in two weeks?
The biggest problem in our modern world
. And in Western countries, it’s mainly obesity
So what does it derive from? And why there has been so much of that phenomenon in recent years.

Top reasons for obesity

Eating habits and types of foods…
In fact, there are two reasons for that
The processed industrial food contains lots of calories
And very few vitamins…
In addition it is also addictive,
has a high glycemic value, and causes too rapid breakdown of sugar in the blood, as a result the body takes a lot of energy to dissolve all the sugar in a short time.
Which causes an energy outburst,
and excessive fat storage,
eventually a sense of attrition.
You wonder why you’re tired all the time?
or why your workouts to lose weight doesn’t work?
That’s one of the reasons.

Lack of exercise

You’ve probably heard it thousands of times
But I want to sharpen some things here,
First of all exercise programs doesn’t Designed just
for physical fitness or your look.
it’s mainly for your Health!
All the anabolism and catabolism processes depend heavily on blood circulation.
Health and mental feeling all depends on it.
Now think of an average middle class person. He gets up in the morning and gets into the car and goes to work, sits in the office for about 8 hours or more.
End of work day, returning to the vehicle travels home and watch TV or play the Ipad,
Finally goes to sleep.
The routine is certainly debilitating, and most of them do not have the will to take half an hour or an hour a day for workout.

Add to it unhealthy food and there is a high caloric value here,
In short, obesity.

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