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The body is an amazing machine that knows how to burn fat

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In fact during sleep and during the day the body manages to burn up to 2000 calories without even move…
Mainly Because physiological processes in the body
Such as cell replication.
The body burns energy every day like a marathon runner without moving at all, so how do we get fat?
It is different between people
But overall we all go through the 2000 calorie intake
There are also those that 1800 is enough to cause a high caloric value, that depends on and varies between us all.
In general, everyone until the age of 40 should aim for 2000 calories per day to stay in the same weight.
Eating too little is not a solution either,
If the body feels calorie deficit it will enter the state of fat storage, is a known natural process that the body does.
There was one I trained,
She ate 800 calories per day to lose weight and she was unable to reduce fat …
From what I know I suggested that she increase the daily quota to 1,200 and guess what!
It decreased in fat within a short time and she felt better, and the performance in her workout was improved.

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