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Senior runner doing stretching on a cold winter morning

How Do I Get Better Looking Legs

One of the most popular questions I tend to hear is

“how do I improve my legs and ass”

My usual response is just squat! If you are an untrained individual with barely any training history the chances are if you just Squat 2 or 3 times a week just using body weight in the comfort of your own home you are likely to gain massive results in size strength and tone.


your nervous system and your brain are not used to that kind of movement or stress which through the exercise itself create micro damage on the joints and muscles and as a result, the body adapts and improves and rebuilds. Essentially you are shocking your Body system so be prepared to potentially be uncomfortable for a few weeks! it will take time to adapt but the rewards will be big if you stick to it daily and progressively. Eventually you can make it harder by changing the amount of sets and reps and speed of which you are squatting. You may well want to throw in some resistance bands and dumbbells too there are many progressions and regressions in the squat movement.

the fact remains just doing one exercise can enhance your health and lifestyle so much

Imagine what your legs could be like by having a set programme with multiple exercises and a planned programme over the period of a month.

If you are interested in trying this out please get in touch with me for a free Leg programme

Enjoy Training


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