Should We Really Hate Crossfit?

Crossfit has been greatly scrutinized and made fun at all over the internet. I personally used to be a Crossfit hater, until I began working with Crossfit athletes, tried it myself and started to analyze the differed WOD (Workout of the day) routines given to us by our coach.

I don’t know why there are still CrossFit haters. At first – the attitude of some select Crossfitters may have been the reason, elitist attitudes that made them feel better than everybody because they were doing a more ‘functional’ type of workout compared to bodybuilding and power lifting.

Years passed and as it got more mainstream these bad attitudes slowly disappeared, where current top Crossfit athletes are one of the most humble and approachable people you will ever meet.

Most haters will say  “What about the bad form taught? and the poor programming given by these Crossfit boxes”. Yes, we’ve seen these memes about Crossfitters and how some of them have poor form on certain exercises but aren’t we all guilty of this? I’ve seen just as much bad form in commercial gyms from people doing bodybuilding training. Bad form on biceps curls and lateral raises is more idiotic than what you used to see in CrossFit classes.

Haters be damned, CrossFit is not a fad. It’s steadily growing in popularity and has reached mainstream acceptance. Something that no other lifting sport ever achieved. For that reason, it’s here to stay.

Why is it so popular? Why are more and more people eager to challenge themselves and suffer so much on a daily basis?

Crossfit encourages its athletes to collect different skills such as the muscle-ups, squat snatch. Each complex movement takes some time to “get.” And it’s fun when you finally succeed in a new one, getting you closer to mastering all the skills necessary to be a good CrossFitter. They also encourage to workout in ‘Boxes’ where Crossfitters gather and train together. This system develops a sense of proximity and belonging. Most human beings want to feel like they belong to something. It’s a basic need that we have and CrossFit is conductive to that.

So if you’re a hater, you’re going to be hurting for a very long time. Because CrossFit is here to stay.


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