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Benefits of aerobics on your brain

Boost your brain –
with the right training

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The benefits of physical exercise are indisputable. The earlier you make physical workouts – be it aerobics, weight-lifting, or yoga – part of your lifestyle, the more benefits it provides to your healthy life.

However, it’s never too late to start. This was confirmed in a recently published review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which showed that training not only increased older adults’ physical condition but additionally boosted their brain functions.

Review reveals the most evident workouts for a healthy brain

The researchers from the University of Canberra, Australia published the most comprehensive review of available evidence to date on the effects of physical exercise on the brain functions. The different exercises included aerobic training, resistance training, a combination of both, yoga, and tai chi. They also compared the intensities and durations of different workout schedules.

The findings were convincing: All types of exercise showed general benefits. In particular, aerobic and resistance training showed significant boosting effects in attention (including the ability to process information quickly), executive functions (processes responsible for goal oriented behavior) and overall cognition, especially when they were combined.

Additional factors that affected the benefits of exercise were duration and intensity of training: The most benefits came from medium duration (45 to 60 minutes) and moderate or high intensity (fast walking, swimming, cycling at medium-pace, or jogging, aerobics, and tennis). Interestingly, training benefits could be achieved even after 1-2 training sessions per week.

The main message of the analysis, therefore, is to take care of one’s physical condition, and this way to also boost brain functions. Even if one doesn’t have previous background with exercise, or has only little time to train during the week, it always pays off.

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