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Avoiding Injuries

Did anyone read this article recently?

It explains and describes what kind of injuries these Arsenal players, unfortunately, were diagnosed with during a game against Manchester City on Monday.

The question which the article did not touch upon is could this be avoided in the first place?

Perhaps not if it was a freak situation which to some degree it was, however, the important note to take from this unfortunate occurrence is the kind of preparation anyone should be doing before undertaking any form of high intensity sport or activity

I’d like to identify my own take on avoiding or at least drastically reducing injuries that may occur over your lifetime.

If you look down at the following 3 points you should reflect on your own performance and make an honest assessment on how well you are converting each point

  • Good nutrition, i.e eating foods that are health-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and aid in recovery
  • Appropriate training+ conditioning Are you doing the right and relevant exercises for your own specific needs which enhances your performance on your activity
  • Knowing your limitations + use some common sense you have worked on a specific issue for a very long time you managed to get it to a good level but you know if you go beyond your bodies limitation you could re-injure your self again
  • Being consistent Great your on point with the above list fantastic! now you have to make sure you are implementing them on a daily basis.

The best athletes in the world usually implement the best daily habits in the world they leave no stone untouched

So train Hard but train Smart!

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