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Another good reason For obesity

Learn About The Dangers Of Obesity
Is the lack of caloric expenditure and workout Discipline
and routine…
It’s not a problem of not being aware, like its a problem of not understanding what training is, and what it does and how to do it.
Most of them avoid training for a variety of reasons, but I want to give you some reasons that I think you will identify with the most.
First of all, nobody expects you to be an athlete or a bodybuilder,
All that matters here is to create routine and habits.
that’s it!
You can start from 20 minutes a day
Light to moderate training,
Be forgiving to yourself in case you have not activated your heart, your muscles, and lungs,
in Intensive training for nearly 10 years .
The goal is not to finish yourself. My advice is to take two months just to get to know where you are and how much you can progress through a certain exercise routin.
Training should be very easy and based on 6 days a week,
20-40 minutes per day
After two months you will be able, with a higher level of acquaintance, to determine which program is best for you.
Training is beyond just an hobby, There are almost no people who do not need a workout from time to time,
But it also gets very fun with time and becomes a topic of conversation everywhere…
I highly recommend training in swimming or cycling
But fit training or a gym private personal training and fitness classes are also very good..
ONE MOMENT! leave my recommendations aside, do the main thing that interest you the most, just do it again and again and again…
Over time your performance will improve
And you will love it more.
I know it’s hard because there’s enough to do during the day without it,
You have to work to earn a living, study for a degree, pay the bills, and make sure you have time to spend with your families etc…
that is very time consuming
That’s why I say start small 20-40 minutes a day,
You will find comfortable time in the morning or evening…
Believe me, even though it does not seem to be,its very influential…
And with time this habit will grow and you will not be able to pass the day without it.

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